Orange County Sober Living Homes

Sober Living Homes in Costa Mesa, CA and Newport Beach, CA

Orange-County-Sober-Living-homesPacific Shores offers affordable, upscale sober living environment  and accommodations in Orange County, CA  that includes private and semi-private rooms. Our sober living homes meet or exceed Sober Living Network requirements for cleanliness, safety, quality of life, training and ethical practices. Pacific Shores Sober Living homes are members of the Orange County Sober Living Coalition. Our homes are offered in a respectful, healing environment to ensure pleasant experience providing the best foundation for lasting recovery from addiction. We offer structured recovery housing and young adult addiction accommodations that are perfect for IOP Programs. Pacific Shores is connected to all the major Alcoholism and Addiction Treatment Centers in the Orange County, CA area.

Fun in Sobriety

Newly sober persons have found it a challenge to rebuild their lives on a foundation of sobriety. Activities are looked upon as drudgery, “How am I going to have any fun being sober” or “I only had fun when I drank or got high.”

It is important to have new friends in sobriety. it’s proper to get a sponsor who is able to express and explain the feelings of nervousness when undertaking a new sober life. Sobriety is a world of new promise and can be hard when it comes to having fun and enjoying life. As a newly sober person, being clean and sober means relearning almost all we thought we once knew how to do.  When our liquid or drug social set is taken away, we are faced with all sorts of emotions such as anxiety, fear and boredom.

The most effective way to avoid your old habits is to engage in activities that do not involve alcohol or drugs. Sober fun may sounds boring, but we come to realize we have a whole world of experiences in our recovery and  discover our true interests and hobbies.

There is lots to do and have fun with in Orange County in our local mountains and beaches. Enjoy the many fun things to do in the areas of Costa Mesa , Huntington Beach, Irvine and Newport Beach such as fine dining, coffee shops, movies and shopping malls. Pacific Shores is one mile from Newport Beach’s coastal bays. You can drive, walk or bike to many coffee cafesseveral restaurantsshops and mallsboutiques and supermarkets.

*20% of the first month’s rent at the Costa Mesa location only.

Sober Living House in Newport Beach

Getting back to a fun life in sobriety

Work, Work, Work

Succeeding in new sobriety

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